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In the last 7 days from
to there were...
Other Offenses
Other Assaults
Homicide, robbery & agg. assaults

...violations, reported to Columbia police.

Violations by date from
, to , .
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  •  Burglary/Theft/Auto
  •  Other Offenses
  •  Other Assaults
  •  Uncategorized
  •  Homicide, robbery & agg. assault

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Date Nature Synopsis
Date Nature Synopsis


CoMo Crime Tracker is a web app built by the Columbia Missourian.

Every day the Missourian receives via email from the Columbia Police department a list of reports police have taken over the previous 28 days. (The data does not contain any reports involving rape and/or sex offenses or juveniles.)

We take the data, clean it, process it and save it in a new, web-friendly format. After that, through complicated analysis and some computer magic, the content for the app is generated.

The charts on the overview page, the map and the list pages represent data from to , . This is because we can only load data for six months, either from January to June or from July to December. So if it's, say, February 15th, you will see only a month and a half worth of data. To see police records from before that, please use the desktop version of the app. It allows you to go back as far as July 11, 2014. We only have data going back as far as that day.

This application is based on the database provided and managed by Columbia Police. The unedited comments of police are as they appear in the database. Categorization and description of crimes come from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program categorization.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:
The Columbia Missourian newsroom:
Email: news@ColumbiaMissourian.com
Phone: (573) 882-5720
The Columbia Police Department Public Relations Unit:
Email: PolicePIO@gocolumbiamo.com
Phone: (573) 441-5470